RBS Powdercoated Epoxy Backstay Flicker


Introducing the first ever Powdercoated Epoxy RBS Backstay Flicker!

Using a unique powdercoating technique, we’re able to powdercoat our Epoxy E-glass material to provide even more durability through UV and environmental protection.  No more exposed glass fibers due to UV degradation, these new RBS Powdercoated Epoxy Backstay Flickers are available in 6, soon to be 7 different specifications.


E-PC 15200/1200mm

E-PC 15230/1200mm (coming soon)

E-PC 15265/1200mm

E-PC 15300/1700mm

E-PC 19265/1200mm

E-PC 19350/1400mm

E-PC 19400/1800mm

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Easily modifiable to fit most any hardware, these pieces come as non tapered, non drilled stock.  Like any unidirectional material, when drilled, it’s crucial to drill from both sides to eliminate the potential for fiber blowout.

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We’re excited to have these in production and ready to offer sailors a backstay flicker that provides three times the life span vs a non powdercoated backstay flicker.

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To inquire about purchasing, ask your sailmaker, or email us at info@rbsbattens.com for more information.