End Fittings

Along with our battens we offer a variety of end caps as well as our Rocket Tensioner System which doesn’t only serve the purpose of keeping the batten in the sail pocket but also gives you a clean and easy way to tension your battens from the aft end to the desired shape and position.


RBS BC – Batten End Caps

RBS BHC - Batten Hole Cap

RBS BHC – Batten Hole Cap



The RBS Rocket Tensioner was developed with the coordination and cooperation of several top sail designers.
Lightweight and low profile it was designed for a clean and easy way to tension both flex and compression battens from the aft end.

Never lose another batten out of the pocket while sailing again!


  • The rocket tensioner was designed to be used with a spectra loop.
  • Tensioning the batten will apply pressure to the line or webbing keeping the batten in place.
  • To work properly the batten should be trimmed up to 2” or 50mm from the actual length. If you need to trim the batten, always trim from the aft end.
  • For easier installation back off the tensioner screw around 1/2” or 13mm to be able to place the loop or webbing on or off.
  • The tensioners are supplied with a 1.750” or 44mm length stainless steel screw that allows approximately 1.250” or 32mm of adjustment.
  • Tested for up to 500 lbs of load. (ex: a CB19350 diagonal head batten will produce roughly 700 lbs of load and should not use a tensioner)
RBS BT - Batten Tensioners

RBS BT – Batten Tensioners


Tensioners Batten Sizes
15 X 7.6 All 15mm battens
19 X 6.7 19160-19265 battens
19 X 8.9 19300-19350 battens
10 X 5 up to 10200