RBS offers two different types of epoxy battens. Our Epoxy “E-Glass” Battens and our T-700 Epoxy “Carbon Bar” Battens.

Epoxy “E-Glass” Battens: Our stock of Epoxy “E-Glass” battens are constructed using unidirectional ‘E’ glass fibers in a unique proprietary pulform process in which all fibers are pre-tensioned and aligned during the impregnation process using our specially formulated flexible epoxy resin matrix.

This unique manufacturing technique makes for an extremely durable, virtually unbreakable batten that can be tapered down to .025″ less then 1mm on our custom CNC machine, creating an extremely soft tip on our leech battens without the fear of breaking.

The RBS range of ‘E’ glass battens consists of four widths; 10,15,19 and 25mm with a variety of different thicknesses and lengths to choose from.

T-700 “Carbon Bar” Battens:
Our T-700 “Carbon Bar” batten is constructed using the same unique process as our ‘E’ glass battens using a very high modulus (18 million) aircraft grade 700 series carbon fiber for maximum stiffness for the cost.

Produced with our proprietary flexible epoxy resin matrix, this makes for a very durable, strong and very stiff batten proven in the Southern Ocean on the fleet of the recent Volvo Ocean Race.

The T-700 batten is offered in five widths 10,15,19,25, and 38mm in a variety of different thicknesses and lengths to choose from.

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