RBS Roller Battens

Introducing the NEW RBS Roller Batten!


Tapered, performance roller battens for any furling application.  Using a unique glass integrated, thermoplastic molding process, we are able to build a  taper into a roller furling batten.  Lightweight and impact resistant, the RBS Roller Battens provide function and performance.  Using an updated fiber orientation and formulation continues to improve the structural integrity and performance capabilities.

Offered in lengths of 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm and 120cm and in three different stiffnesses, “Light”  “Standard” or “Heavy” you can customize your sail profile.

RBS Suggests for cruising, or cruise/racing to use our Light primarily, or Standard for heavier wind conditions.  For larger boats, or serious racing applications, we suggest our Standard and Heavy rollers.  Please note the minimum furled diameter listed below.

With a functional operating temperature of -60 to 360 degrees Fahrenheit, the RBS Roller Battens can withstand harsh conditions.  The minimum roll diameter for RBS Roller battens are between 3″(8cm) – 6″(16cm).  Keep the sail furled to meet these minimum diameters when the battens are being used.


Yellow/Light (cruising) minimum rolled diameter = 3″/ 8cm

Blue/Standard (cruise/racing) minimum rolled diameter = 4.5″/ 12cm

Red/Heavy (racing) minimum rolled diameter = 6″/ 16cm

For best performance and longevity, the roller battens should be orientated to not roll on top of themselves when furled.


To enable proper furling, the Roller Battens will be marked with a colored tab indicating the Aft/back, and the RBS Logo sticker will indicate the side of that batten that needs to be placed on the inside of the roll when furled. Our new sleeves also have blue threaded stitching to indicate the inside of the batten.  Reversing either of these will disable a proper furl and can potentially lead to failure.

RBS suggests removing the roller battens from the sail when not sailing to ensure a longer and more responsive life.  The longer period that the roller battens are kept rolled up, the longer it may take for them to regain their proper unfurled shape.  This is normal.

Contact your sail maker, or RBS for more information.